The Art of Movement : Dylan Menges

The Art of Movement series explores the concept of movement from every which way, dissecting the topic with folks from all walks of life. In this interview we chat with designer, muralist, attracter of lightning, Dylan Menges.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Born to make, lean into the Maker, and hold on to childlike wonder. That’s my goal, every day.

What is your definition of movement?

I love this thought from Acts 17:28: “In God we live and move and have our being”—the idea that we are more than molecules from mudwater, but made to live and move as image bearer’s of a master designer. To have this wildly unlikely chance to be born into the universe for a blip in time, moving through this life, made by the same designer who made billions of stars.

Can you imagine a world without movement?

Nope. Movement is lovingly tethered to Hope, and without Hope this world would slow to an awful crawl.

How does movement play a part in your everyday life?

My wife, Janet, and I make time to move together: running, cycling and walking. We try to take care of ourselves so we can make the most of the time we have.

What moves have you made in your life that have made a big impact on who you are?

Saying No. I struggle with this all the time. But I see, year after year, the value of focus.

Don’t think too much about this one! What are the first 5 words you relate to movement?

Flow, Grow, Flex, Reach, Breathe

How do you keep your creativity moving?

By moving—literally. Bike rides, running and walking—device-free—are great for opening your mind to inspiration and ideas. Travel is the other magic key for inspiration and ideas. I love being in new places, talking with people who look, think and speak in ways unfamiliar to me.

You can find Dylan over on The next version of his site, coming this winter, will have more room for iterative, playful moments – so be sure to keep up with it.

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