Increase Brand Awareness with Digital Stickers on Social

Digital Stickers!

So what are they, and why should you use them?

Digital stickers are animated graphics that a user can easily slap onto their own content on Instagram and Snapchat.

They’re hosted on GIPHY – an online platform for sharing animated GIFs, stickers, and short videos. Listen, GIPHY serves 7 billion GIFs and stickers to 500 million people. Every. Single. Day! It’s worth asking how your brand can participate – especially if you’ve got an audience or employees on Instagram or Snapchat.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use digital stickers in your marketing:

  1. Branded digital stickers increase brand awareness and organic engagement.
  2. Digital stickers are non-intrusive! Users search keywords or brand names and place stickers voluntarily.
  3. Messages we receive from friends or relatives (like through social media stories) are more trusted than traditional advertising.
  4. Visual communication is becoming more popular everyday for mobile users who like to emphasize their communication with visuals. Stickers make it easy, quick and FUN!
  5. Stickers can be used to show products, communicate CTAs, promote campaigns, introduce a brand or value, and seriously – are just fun for audiences to use. That means good vibes associated with your brand.

So where do you go from here?

Design visuals that match what your audience(s) might search for. Add your logo, product or URL to some of your stickers. Once animated, upload them to GIPHY and tag them with relevant keywords. Once you have 5 stickers prepared you can apply for a free brand channel, and you’re off!

Hey if a picture’s worth a thousand words, maybe a digital sticker is worth a million in this day and age?

Enter our Sticker Pack Giveaway!

We’re going to design and animate a pack of 10 stickers for one lucky brand!

It’s easy to enter. Fill out this form + make sure to follow Pixel Park on LinkedIn. That’s it and you’re eligible! Deadline is 6/22, 11:59PM.

Good luck + happy sticker making!



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