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A Look Under the Rocket

It takes a whole crew to make a video of this scope.  Let’s talk to the team behind creating the Fat Brands Summit 2024 video. Wow! This video is gorgeous. How did you develop the look and feel or style of the FAT Brands Summit 2024 video?  Hilary Buchanan, Creative Director:  The process of defining […]

An In-Depth, Emotional Look at Allergy with Ryan Gargac

It’s been incredible to see our studio’s short film Allergy come together over the last year or so. We wanted to sit down and chat with Ryan for a few about how this beautiful thing came into being! How did the idea for Allergy come about? The idea for allergy came shortly after a few […]

Increase Brand Awareness with Digital Stickers on Social

Digital Stickers! So what are they, and why should you use them? Digital stickers are animated graphics that a user can easily slap onto their own content on Instagram and Snapchat. They’re hosted on GIPHY – an online platform for sharing animated GIFs, stickers, and short videos. Listen, GIPHY serves 7 billion GIFs and stickers […]

How Long Should My Video Really Be?

So, are we all just goldfish now? Sorta! Our attention spans for screens in particular have grown shorter over the years – in 2004 we could focus on a screen for 2.5 minutes, and as of 2023 it’s about 47 seconds.1 What does this mean for video length? Here are some general rules of thumb […]

How it’s Made: A Guide for How to Use and Review Storyboards

When working with any creative agency or studio, you hear all sorts of industry words thrown around. We know only some people are familiar with these terms, and you may even hear terms used differently depending on the agency. I want to share a bit about storyboards in animation at Pixel Park. This blog post […]